10 awesome ways to generate more sales through Email Marketing

10 awesome ways to generate more sales through Email Marketing

Email Marketing is known to be the most used marketing tactic in recent times. Most people believe that the professional way to do marketing is through email because it is considered the most authentic way to grow your business. We have found out certain ways in this blog to generate more sales through email marketing.

Use good vocabulary:

Your only way of communication with users is through online platforms. In order to grab their attention, use simple and eye- catching words that must be understand by the readers what they are reading. It also makes them understand the context of your email. If you use more technical and difficult words, there is a good chance that you message will not be understand rightly.

Personalized Emails:

The first one is to send personalized emails to your customers to make their presence worthwhile in your business. But to keep in mind that maintain your boundaries with it, don’t be invade into your customer’s privacy in a way that would make you feel weird and affects your reputation. Using names of the customers in the email might get disliked by them but you can use general data for personalization such as birth dates.

According to the research, it has been found that birthday emails tend to generate 342% higher revenue per email as compared to promotional mails. This would be an amazing strategy to include personalized emails in your email marketing strategies.

Precise Subject Line:

Another way to get more sales is to keep your subject lines short and catchy. As they say, the lesser the better is a relevant quote for this strategy. The more concise the subject line is the most understanding it would develop. When a customer opens your email, the first thing he gets to see is the subject line, so it is very important to make it precise to get the customer’s attention.

Choosing the right time for Email:

To get more sales is to pick the right time for sending the email. Philosophers say time is everything when It comes to the success of email campaigns. Another reason is that loyal customers may want to engage with your content. So, in that way, it is better to fix your time for sending the email to gather more customers to your business. To save your time and effort, you can use an automated email strategy on a fixed time so it might help to save your time and resources.

Mobile friendly Emails:

The most important strategy for email marketing is to send mobile-friendly emails as most of the users have phones in their pockets so it would be easy to gather their attention towards your business.
For this purpose, your design and preface should be seen clearly without putting more effort because it is an important aspect to convey your message.

Following are some quick design tips that will help your marketing strategy in a better way.

  1. Create one column of mails.
  2. Use a bigger font size to see the content properly.
  3. Display small images, as the message should have to be clear and precise.
  4. Place the most important content in the center to grab the attention of users


Giveaways are always a great source of increasing the subscribers to your business and also your income as well. With promotional giveaways, you have to give away something free of charge, but this content is liked by many customers and in return, they would be willing to give their email addresses to you. The most frequent giveaways are templates and tools with an approximate 66% click-through rate.
For more sales on your business, a strong call to action is needed in your email. For example, clicking on the website, downloading the analysis report, or joining us with a chat for your queries.

Answer the queries

If you own any product business, try to always engage with your customers through email. Share your new product arrivals with your customers to keep them updated. And if you have already sold the products, then keep them updated with the shipment details from packaging to delivering to sustain the customer’s trust in your business.

Engage with customers

Furthermore, to engage more with your customers, you can provide a discount code or announce a sale. This tactic gets customers excited and gives them a reason to buy from you. To involve them more in sales, create a theme for specific events to announce sales such as Christmas or new year’s eve.

Division of lead list

The last and the most important strategy is to segment your lead list as it is an excellent choice to increase sales. The goal of this strategy is to divide the subscribers into various sections according to their needs and interests. In this way, it would be easier to know the customer’s needs by using Google Analytics.

You can generate a registration form based on the general questions to gather the data of users and their needs.

Not receiving emails

If your users are not getting the emails, there is a great chance that you could fail in your email marketing campaign. Even if your emails are not receiving by the users, you will not be getting the notification that the email you sent is failed. There are many reasons that why your emails cannot make it to the users. The users of WordPress are frequently coming up with this issue due to the default PHP protocol used to send the messages.

Email marketing helps your business grow bigger if done correctly. It also maintains a relationship with your business and your audience. Always remember that you are a guest in your subscriber’s email. Your emails could be just one click away by losing your customers’ interests. So, be respectful, polite and maintain your valuable customers


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