10 awesome ways to rank your website (White Hat SEO).

10 awesome ways to rank your website (white hat seo)

White Hat SEO is the type of Search Engine Optimization tactics which is designed to increase the rank of website on search engine result page, including Google. This is the reason White Hat SEO is important, because search engine results would get tangled without it. By implementing White Hat SEO tactics are the best way to create sustainable business and its respective website.

These results are solely based on the organic search results. According to the research 33% of the of the traffic falls under the top organic search result.

This blog would help you in ranking your website in best ways.

Include keywords:

Firstly, ensure that the title and URL of your page contains important keywords. Use those keywords in your headers if you have different sections for the content.

Don’t overuse the words.
Add sufficient number of keywords but do not overuse keywords as they would come in the category of spam keywords, and it would affect the ranking of your page.

Link Analysis.
In other way, only keywords are not an important resource to your web. Further to determine the web page quality, some search engines use Link Analysis to see how many other web pages link to the page in question.
If we take an example of scuba diving, and if a search engine sees the hundreds of other web pages related to this are linking to your web page, then the engine will give your page a higher rank.

Using right keywords.
Many search engines use this computer program known as Crawlers that is used to search the website and index the results of individual pages. Crawler read the web pages and index them accordingly. If you do not use the right keyword accurately, then crawler would not be known that you page is related to scuba diving. So, it is most important to choose the right and relevant keywords if you want to rank your website.

Quality attracts more
White Hat SEO always prefer quality content and the best services to provide the users rank their website. This approach of SEO allows the users to have loading of the search engine pages to save the time of the users. Also, it provides the user phone friendly search results to avoid any bad quality searches that would affect the ranking of the website.

Mobile friendly website.
According to the research conducted in 2019, 52.2% traffic uses mobile phones to access the internet. This is the reason your website should be optimized in order to be viewed through mobile phones. Otherwise, you will lose the potential users if they cannot navigate to your website. Type your website name in Google search bar to see whether your website is showing properly on mobile phone or not.

Meta Tagging.
In some ways, people try to fool search engines to get higher ranking on search engine results pages. Meta tags provide visiting information regarding the web pages to the computer programs. But that information is not visible to the humans who are their page.

Also, you can create meta tag that enlists the keywords for your website, but usually most of the search engines overlook them totally as in the past some people found using those tags to manipulate search engines results.

Content Marketing.
Content marketing plays a significant part when it comes to website ranking. This strategy is usually considered a good approach for bloggers. You can share the content of your website or even the link to different social media platforms to get it noticed by the mass. Also, you can upload the content of your website through the blogs to rank it on the first page of SERP.

Diversion of traffic to the site.
Use eye- catching info graphics, images with Alt text and videos to divert the attention of users towards your website. Choose one theme for your site to make it unique among other websites.

Upgraded strategy.
In 2020, you have to create excellent content and your website would rank, all because of the sponsored guests’ posts, backlinks, and advertisements. Also, to rank your page on first or second search engine pages (SERP), white hat SEO strategy was required.

But now, you do not have to pay for backlinks or sponsored posts, rather you can create the best and strong optimized content that can easily be accessible to the users. By the passing time, you would be directly to create organic network of highly authentic backlinks.

Google is known the undeniably powerful approach to divert the traffic towards your website. If God forbid due to any circumstances your website gets banned, you will have to face the most terrible backlash in website traffic or even in your business as well. To avoid any kind of consequences, apply the mentioned strategies for your business to rank progressively on higher SERP.


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