How to choose right keywords for SEO?

How to choose right keywords for seo?

According to the research, over 50%, of the customers use google to have brief research of their purchase before buying.

After researching, search engines take those search keywords to find relevant results. And unfortunately, if your business doesn’t rank on the first page you won’t get enough traffic to your page.

Above all, the question arises here that what is a keyword?

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According to SEO, keywords are those words or phrases that searchers enter into the search engines.
Now the question arises is how to choose the right keywords to convert the best traffic to your website? What keywords are best for your business? To choose the right keywords, you need to think like your customers and what type of content they want.

There are three categories of search plan that help to identify what keywords to select based on why people search.

1). Navigational- The user wants to find another web page.

2). Informational- It is about researching a topic.

3). Commercial – It is the desire to make a purchase. Search result like buying reliable gas cylinders is very different from gas cylinder leakage queries. One is a commercial phrase keyword, and the other is informational.
Before starting keyword research, the next step is to understand the three different classifications of keyword.

4). Head keywords – That are one or two words in length and there would be a million search results in return. We can take the example of baby girls’ names which Google matches with approximately a billion pages.

5). Body keywords – These are a little longer usually of two to three words. Now google Islamic baby girls’ names and now you can see a certain amount of search displays.

6). Long-tail keywords – These are consisted of four-plus words. These words produced more focused and specific results as compared to the first two types of keywords.

As we are talking about keywords, now we have to start doing research on keyword. Keyword research consists of analyzing the search items that people enter to search engines having a purpose to use them only for specific purpose.
Keyword research is really important because it provides valuable results to the queries which actually your target audience is searching on search engine like Google. The first step of research is to brainstorm the ideas related to your business. If you exactly know the niche, you will have the idea to get to know about your audience’s interest.

Identify what your audience wants to see in your content. Put yourself into the shoes of your audience and while being honest ask yourself ‘If I want to search about the product, what would I type?’
Then, there are other places where you can find the keywords such as blog comments, book titles and categories on Amazon and social media hashtags.

One of the best hacks on choosing the right keywords is knowing where to begin your research. For this tip, Google Keyword Planner is a free tool to see which keywords work and which don’t. You can simply get access within the Google Ads platform by creating an account and then using the planner to enter the list of key phrases.
Use your keywords for advertising the content of the page. Plug those keywords into Google Keyword Planner so check out which keyword will work the best.

If you use Google Ads, you can try their keyword tool which helps in the research of targeted keywords. SEMrush is a tool through which you can carry out the research and collects the data on keywords volume, competition, and similar keywords.

Another great way to discover the best keywords is through the competitor’s website. Several tools help to analyze the traffic on any website, which also includes your competitor’s website. Take the help to understand their ranking position and utilize those helpful findings to build your strategy. But keep in mind that if something seems important to your competitor, it does not mean that you have the same importance for it.

Same goes for the keyword research, you have to be careful while analyzing the competitors’ website. Always keep your business and your targeted audience in your mind and implement the strategies accordingly.

Last strategy is to analyze the results after choosing the relevant keywords. Put your keywords every where to make them recognize. Use them in blog posts, social media posts, and in your website content. The more you use your keywords everywhere, the more chances of mass audience grabbing the attention towards your business.
The best keyword for your SEO will results in relevance, specific nature, and the best volume. After completing these steps, now you are done as you have a new and fresh list of keywords that would help you in future for your business ideas.

But the important point here is that you need to revise our keywords after every two to three months in order to maintain the sustainability of your business and the website. You can add or remove the keywords as per the requirement of your business, so the evaluation is necessary.

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