7 ways to become a valued member of the social media community

7 ways to become a valued member of the social media community

Being a member in any place requires your dedication and commitment to the work. If you are not working wholeheartedly, there would be no need for you to be a member in that place. Your work commitment adds the value of you being a member. But how is that value built or developed? We will be answering this question, in this blog so hook-up with us to the last.
If we talk about social media, it runs with a certain community through which the members support each other. There are multiple ways through which the members help each other and make a community of social media. In this blog post, we will be highlighting those 7 ways through which you can be a valued member of the social media community.

Know your audience:

First, the most important strategy is to know your audience. For social media stars, the audience is their asset. If you don't know about your audience, how would you be a valued member for them or have a conversation with them? You should know from where your audience belongs, what their likes and dislikes are. It would not only be helping to know them but also easy to make the content adapted.

Be respectful:

The second most important way is to build a respect level for each other. No matter what religion, caste, sect they belong to, you must be respectful in terms of communicating with them. Your conversation should not involve the topics of religion, because it most probably leads to extremism and creates hatred among your audience. In short, keep your personal grudges to yourself and don't become a cause to spread negativity and hatred.

Accessible to your community:

The next strategy is to be humble and easy for the people you communicate with. The more you are good at communicating, the better you will be successful in building a community. If you are a celebrity or a blogger, and you do not reach out to your audience and communicate with them, you will lose out. Communication helps you out in your success rate. It is going to be the foundation of what you do, this means that you really need to be accessible to talk with your audience. Although, you need to decide on which social media platform you will be comfortable communicating with. Because there might be a variation in communicating through different channels.

Provide value:

The following tip is to give value to your community people. Their opinion and thoughts are more important than your self-promotion. They will only engage with you if they find themselves valuable in front of you. You could be giving your audience value by social listening and asking them their pain points. The most simple and eye-catching tactic is to ask questions on Facebook through a poll, or on Instagram through a question sticker - 'How can I better help you?'. Ask about different topics and try to find out which is the most struggling phase of your community members.

Do giveaways:

Adding the giving away strategy to be a valued member means that the more you give, the more you will get back in any way. So, keep in mind the one thing that always keeps your hand open to give. If you run a business, this strategy will be worth applying because people rarely care about your business, but if you start giving them, they would be more caring towards it. Giveaway contests would be a great help to engage with communities. But you must make sure about the terms and guidelines of your contest that should be clear, and the giveaway should be related to your brand.

Tell your story:

In the above strategies, it was written that people will not care about your brand either they would be getting benefit out of it. So, by continuing that practice of giving, you can also make them care about you more by telling your story. Try to build an emotional connection with your audience. This is where the audience sees your values reflecting with their values. Your story needs to be clear, concise, unique and something that your audience can relate to. Also, it would be a reflection to show the community how you are learning, growing and how far you have come.

Share your passion:

The last strategy is to involve your community in whatever you like to do. If you want to engage your community on social media, you should have to involve your community in your passion. This will help them better in engagement with your brand and they would be taking a keen interest in promoting and buying the products to get a chance to be featured for your brand. You need to be strongly passionate about what you do or for whom you do. Being enthusiastic, passionate, and open-minded, helps you create a more passionate community.

As the community defines the feeling of fellowship with others, resulting in sharing common attitudes, beliefs, and goals. So, by following the above-defined strategies, you can become a valued member of the social media community and serve as a respectable and humble member. The tips that are defined above are not related to hard work, or it does not cost you an arm or leg. Instead, this is something that should be done out of love for the community. Learn to love your community, give them, involve them, and they will surely give you back a thousand times in return.

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