This 15-minute routine will increase clarity and creativity in writing your content

Content is an important aspect of your work. If you have no idea behind it, you would be facing difficulty in focusing on your work. You would be facing problems in completing your task properly and on time.

This is the reason; content planning is very important but the question that arises here is how to be clear and creative about your content. Writing about the content involves your thinking cycle and it resulted in the thought process.
Here we are going to tell you a 15-minute secret that you do to enhance your writing skills and make your content better.

First of all, set a timer of about 15 minutes and start your activity time. You can also divide your time in three segments of 5 minutes for each activity or else whatever you think you are better at.

Above all, take a deep breath before starting to write anything because to keep your mind relaxed, this breathing exercise is important. Then close your eyes and analyse your writing. What type of writing do you do, how many filler words do you use each time. For example, how you can be brief about your content. If you have written long multiple writeups, then how to be brief about it.


After analyzing your type of writing, start thinking about your content. For this purpose, you need brainstorming. Gather all the ideas that are coming to your mind whether you would save or delete them afterward but write it on the paper. Link those ideas with the content you wish to make and boom you are done with this activity.

Know your audience:

The next task you do is to know your target audience or markets for whom you are going to write. Learn to adjust your writing according to the needs of your audience. You can do this activity even if you are not in your workspace. You are supposed to observe the surroundings, read different writing samples your audience likes to read. These samples would easily be accessible from your nearest library or even found on the internet. This would help you in adding more points to your content planning. From this activity, you would be developing skills such as audience analysis, smooth writing flow and it also helps in producing better imagination regarding the content.

Be brief:

We were talking about how brief you must be with your writing. By continuing this task, for more clarity and creativity, your content needs to be concise and precise. You should have to practice this skill daily in those 15 minutes. People want to read the point news; they do not like to read long paragraphs. So, in this case, try to be specific and relevant to maintain the authenticity of your content.

Analyze your content:

As you know, there is a bit of competition among the content writers, so try to convert it into a healthy competition among the writers. Read content from your target clients to learn which topics are fulfilling the needs of your content buyer. Once you can understand the topics that your audience cares about, it would be easy for you to draft enriched content for your business.

Increase your vocabulary:

Make a habit or learn a new word or new thing every day. There are a lot of online dictionaries that provide you with the word of the day. All you must do is memorize that word and try to use it in a sentence. It would help in increasing your vocabulary and helps in using new words in your content. Also, you can ask for productive criticism over your work, so that in the future you may not repeat those mistakes and create better writing content.

Review your work:

You can also rewrite your content in a better way. try to add more subheadings, more content, or a fresh introduction. Review your work each week and rewrite it according to the need of your audience and the content. Recheck all the ideas that you have brainstormed at the start of this 15 minutes activity and choose only those which are suitable for your content. Now cross check the audience needs towards the content with your ideas of the content and filter out the best ideas.

Practice on someone else’s work:

Now, if you have fully done with your practice of content writing by yourself, you can edit someone’s content. It would enhance and polish your writing skills in a much better way. As someone else could be a reason to give you another idea of writing the same content that you have done before. Or you can suggest to them the changes whether, adding something or cut it, if they are not up to the mark in their writing. The door of recommendation and feedback should always have to open to thrive your content skills.

The above defined activities are really helpful if you manage your time well. Because these activities required more of your time management skills rather than writing skills. For your daily routine, try to take at least 15 minutes all in one or separately as per your feasible schedule.

You must have heard this phrase before which says, ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ Many scholars, scientists and other field related individuals have proved this phrase with consistency in their work. To summarize this blog, we can recommend it to you if you wish to be a good writer or at making the best content. Although it may take some time but with practice and consistency, you could achieve this target of 15 minutes routine to be better in writing and in your content.

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